101 Niche Marketing Topics


Niche marketing is always booming. If one niche shrinks (think chariot repair), another blooms (like neuroscience or sun panels). So if you’re thinking about empire building—creating an increasingly more profitable spread of information dissemination modules or units coming from a core theme that’s central to your niche—your first task is to find that core theme, develop a much-wanted and unique slant to sharing it, and locate a crowd eager to pay what you have to say.

I published a book about this many years back (Empire Building by Writing and Speaking, long O.P. but sometimes available, used, from Amazon). And I have a 99-cent wee ebook called Lifelong Wealth by Being Indispensable that I just updated and is available from us, Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. It gives a framework for empire building, with two examples of the concept in action.

That’s where 101 Niche Marketing Topics fits in—another 99-cent thriller from the same sellers. You can empire build from broad topics that affect almost anyone, but that’s a steep hill and can cost a fortune. It’s vastly easier to lead a clearly defined niche, where you can also pre-test the buying response before investing much time and money putting your quest in action.

So I am offering 101 ways to look at most niches to find a banner topic that will help you attract your followers and begin your spread. Most of the topics come from answering a critical question that folks in your niche will gladly pay to have solved. A key question about a vital need or a nagging, continual frustration.

You want both of these new ebooks absolutely free and in seconds, plus a third 99-cent stunner called Finding Topics That Make Your Articles Indispensable? (An excellent, inexpensive way to get you, your idea, and your products in front of eager buyers is to write articles that appear in the magazine, journal, newsletter, blog, and print pages they read. Indispensable article topics are also hard for editors to reject!) Here you learn how to find those irresistible topics.

Sign up for my (also free) monthly newsletter (mostly about empire building, publishing, and niche product development) here and you get all three free, right now! (Or pay $3 minus three pennies. You can’t lose either way.)

In any sense, look into building your own empire. As I said, niche marketing is always booming–and some emperor or empress leads the parade.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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