CHIROPRACTORS: Write and Publish Your Own Book


There’s a straightforward, reliable way to earn at least $50,000 developing a niche book for a specialization, like chiropractic that I use in this how-to, step-by-step guide called Chiropractors: Write and Publish Your Own Niche Book (Start with a $50,000 buying base!). It starts with a pretest that will cost $550-750 or so to see if the potential buyers are eager to buy a book at your price about your topic, title, table of contents, and promises. This book shows you how to do the pretest before writing and publishing a word.

In other words, for 1-1.5% of what you will initially earn you can find out with shocking accuracy if other chiropractors (or professionals in your field) will gladly, in fact eagerly, buy what you offer!

In this ebook I explain about niche markets, your book subject, a mailing list, your test flyer, your book title, a test note to your potential buyers, a reply postcard, a pre-test cost guesstimate, expected results, and how to compose and mail the test packet. The book ends with a 25-step summary and pretesting guide for a niche book for chiropractors. It also includes specific samples of a chiropractic-directed test flyer, a note to the chiropractors contacted, a reply postcard, and even a title like one you might use.

How much smarter is it to spend $1 or so to test 500 random practitioners before you research, write, rewrite, proof, and then sell your book? Which you will only write and publish if you see that $50,000 pledged to buying out your first printing run!

That means you will be paid 60-100 times more than you will spend. And before you use up the energy and printing costs, you will know how many colleagues will buy it at all!

There’s no mystery about the concept of niche publishing. I wrote Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time! a few years back, and you can buy it for $15 right here or from Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and other ebook sellers. I know the system works because I have 18 niche books in print and have guided many others applying the pre-test and watching them cash in. In fact, the very first book I niche published earned nearly $2 million.

Why ponder? Just get this 35-page ebook that will walk you through the pretest. It costs $7.95, is available in this format only, and may change your life in from the hour it might take you to read it–and do.

The best thing is that you are the captain of this ship. You sail it yourself—or pay somebody else to fill in the few unknown steps. No middlepeople involved. You keep all of the royalties, and you sidestep hefty book-selling discounts by selling it yourself too. (Don’t panic: at the kind if money you can make here, you can hire others to do the heavy lifting and shipping!)

There’s another bonus too. From this core book you can build an empire, with you the emperor or empress. The book’s success is built on your (or somebody’s) expertise. You spread that expertise quickly and broadly by more, related books, by speaking, through consulting, by giving classes or retreats–there are scores of ways to expand your presence and income from just one idea your friends and colleagues will eagerly pay to know.

That’s it. There’s a lot of fame and fortune just waiting to be made. But you have to want it. The pretest gamble is fast and inexpensive, and the returns can be huge and prompt! Anyway, somebody will write that book and probably cash in big. Is that somebody you?



Then if you don’t see how you can turn that test into huge returns, and you are unhappy or whatever, we’ll give you your $7.95 back.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett
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P.S. If you don’t want that gold hiding in the niche field but you do want to publish some other book fast and easy, you’ll help yourself by reading my How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days.

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