Converting idle copy into ebooks, booklets, blogs, and articles


Some empire-building mind rambling.

I hate to write something and not use it several times, usually in different ways. The question is how to do it so you don’t bore the same readers—or violate some obscure restriction. (I presume the restrictors will warn me once. I’m good at apologizing for stupid acts.)

Let’s say I’m writing a booklet, a 12-page offering about niche publishing. In fact, I just finished such a specimen this morning, having found a booklet skeleton that I started I think in 2008 (who knows why). I felt compelled to update and complete it.

But what do I do with it now?

I could expand it into a very specific case study, filling in and expanding each of the 12 pages with an old example (like one of the dental SOPs books we published some years back or hold on to it for my next niche book, and do a spin-off showing its step-by-step process, with actual numbers and costs). Maybe a 30-page process wee-book I could sell in-house as a report, plus make a digital book out of it and send it to Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and LSI to sell for 99 cents. That would take a day total. (I just posted a blog about publishing four books a day. It was a similar situation.)

Or in fact I could produce a booklet with the how-to process as it is, and add a sales page of niche-related products, and send it to potential consulting clients or distribute it as a useful guide when I speak to a writing/publishing group.

It’s really about five segments stitched together, and I already have a full book that sells pretty well called Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time. It makes no sense to do another full book.

But I am inclined to take the 3,200-word item and break into the five key components of niche publishing.

Then I could extract five usable blogs that would help others to whom niche publishing is either unknown or too odd to do. I would mention my book in each, and slip in that I consult about this too. I’m also about to appear in IBPA ‘s super magazine, the Independent, about this topic so when that happens I can plug them as well.

Then why not repackage each of those five or so units send them to and a couple more digital feeder publications, where other bloggers might pick it up and use it. It would require a bit of reworking but shouldn’t take more than an hour total, or two if I sent it out to several.

And I have some favorite blogs where I could send it as a gift item. Probably reworked even more in the opening paragraph(s) to explain niche publishing even more fully.

It’s also a good example of how to create an empire-building spin-off. A many-dissemination sprinkling of expertise. So if I’m writing about empire building it could appear there too.

It’s solid core, workbook material from which talks to writers or seminars through extended ed can be built. Plug in actual examples with the points made and it’s nearly ready to go, if you factor in the questions and answers from the listeners. And from that often comes consulting: it starts with some soul asking during the break, quietly, “Do you do any consulting about (niche publishing)?”

When I blog about it I’ll tell Twitter (where I hide as GLeeBurgett) that it’s in my blog, retweet the other blogs, and let it (or the blog) get picked up by Facebook and Linkedin, which in turn lets others know that this is the kind of thing that I publish and write about.

There may be a few more ways to share this copy, but I’m so hungry that if I don’t go get lunch I might put mustard on my keyboard and eat it.

A lass asked me at BAIPA this past Saturday how many times and ways one can respin the same core copy, which is what got me thinking here. I see four or five small digital ebooks (the same one with different publishers), a blog (or several), two different booklets, some speaking, and some social networking outlets.

I like to put extra feet on idle words if their sharing makes sense for the readers and me.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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