How to find your 2012 earnings from CreateSpace, Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and Bookbaby...

If you had Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, or BookBaby publish or sell your ebooks (or CreateSpace sell your paperbacks) in 2012, how can you find out how much you earned, how many books of each title you sold (and the total income for each), and in which countries your masterpieces sold?

All of the firms send an occasional accounting (Amazon—Kindle and CreateSpace—is the best, telling you your income at the end of each month). But here’s the step-by-step process to get your actual numbers:


Find (or go to, check at My Account, View Reports, Report all 2012 sales (or Payment History in the top row). Enter the dates 1/1/2012 and 12/31/2012. That will tell you the months, books, # of each item sold that month, and income per book. Since they pay at the end of the following month, get the final December total a month or so later. Also, you may not have been paid for some of the last books sold—yet.


Go to, and then to the third choice: Prior Months’ Royalties. Select the 2012 batch, which includes the previous 12 months (generated by the 15th day of the month). So you may have to get the January 2013 numbers to get those last 15 days. Each month includes the titles, quantity of each sold, and your royalty for each. Below the U.S. totals is the same information from sales in the U.K, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, and Spain, all ultimately converted into dollars.


Very easy. Head for, login with your email and password, open My Sales, and the Date/Month. If there’s income from that month, hit the payment ID link and it will give you the book title(s), # bought of each, and the amount paid for each.


More confusing, and harder to tell precisely which month the sale took place. Go to, enter your username and password, go to Dashboard, in the left column find Sales and Payment Report and in the line below download 2012 Sales and Payment Report. See the spreadsheet on the bottom of the page.

Reports are made quarterly, and in each quarter the tallies indicate the titles, quantity, and total income for each item, plus an indication which distributor made the respective sales. The sales spread of our books sold through Smashwords was more limited in 2012, to Apple, Smashwords itself, and Barnes & Noble.


Find, log in, go to My Account, go to the Accounting Dashboard (at the left), download the sales r at the end of total sales, enter a time period (1/1/2012-12/31/1012), then download that report. It tells the distributor (for us, Barnes & Noble and iBookstore), the quantity for each, and the payment total.

I hope my book How to Get Your Book Published in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days helped you get a book together and submitted to the free (or almost free) “open” publishers, so you too received the royalties mentioned above. As you know, once you submit the ebooks or paperbacks, the publishing companies do the marketing and pay you from 35-85% of the income as royalties. If you missed 2012, get going now so next year you’ll be tallying up your hands-off while-you-sleep income!

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett