Landing pages help sell your books (#6 of 10)


If you’re writing a book to sell, you need some launching pad where the potential buyer can see the book cover, the title, the copy on the title, the copy on the back cover (if it’s a paperback)–or the copy that would go there if it’s an ebook, some selling prose that would be on a flyer you could create about the book, maybe an abbreviated table of contents, the ISBN number (if you have one), the binding (is it digital or bound?), the number of pages, and a couple of grabber lines that assure the buyer that this is what he/she wants. PLUS AN ORDER BUTTON!

This landing page would be at your website. You could use the regular address (mine would be with a slash and a code followed by .htm (if the page is created in html format). If the book is about “women in soccer,” you might call the page “womeninsoccer.htm” (without the parentheses), so the link that would get you to that landing page might be The buyer would actually see ORDER HERE but under that would have been the link in the last sentence. How do you do that? You write the words ORDER HERE, highlight them, go to insert/hyperlink ), write the www… link in the address line, and push OK.

Another way is to buy a URL that takes the person directly to the book (like, make it part of your website, and put the landing page there so either when they hit up will pop the specfic order page or write ORDER HERE and do the same kind of hyperlinking I just explained.

All of that is to grab the buyers’ attention, tell what the book is about, give the reader a taste of the book’s writing style (by how the landing page is written), and let them get a peek at the substance. One thing more: a link back to your selling mechanism so they can purchase it immediately. But nothing else. No additional links to a free chapter or the author’s bio or anything else that will let them escape from the sales page. The only way out is for them to click to some other page or to go to the ordering place and order (or not).

I will send you to a couple of landing pages in a minutes to show what I’m talking about.

You wonder about the selling mechanism. We use 1ShoppingCart where we post all of our products. Anybody pushing ORDER HERE will have a choice immediately: buy the book digitally or bound. If they want an ebook version they will click that choice and a shopping cart orderform pops up. They will enter the needed credit card info, push the order tab, and in about five seconds the actual book will digitally appear! (In truth, another link appears that they must touch for the book to unfold on the screen.) If they get a bound version, we will mail it to them within 24 hours. In the bound-book case, the buyer pays the shipping. If there is any tax from either purchase, the buyer pays that too. (Their payment is deposited in our PayPal account immediately.)

If you have no shopping cart system (and they are a bit costly), get their credit card info, their address or email, find out how they want the bound items shipped, tally their expense, and add in the shipping and tax. It’s best if they open the escape link to an order form so they can see the product(s) and the information you want to share. Then attach the ebook file or send the bound book by mail. It’s a bit old-fashioned but if they want what you’re selling, they will usually go along.

Another possibility. If your book is available only in ebook, you could list three choices of publishers where your book could be purchased: Kindle, Nook, or maybe Smashwords. (That assumes you submitted your book to all three! See How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days! for submission guidance.) Under the name of each publisher you insert the hyperlink code they give you that goes directly to your book. The publisher will handle their order for you, mail the book, and pay you later. You will actually come out ahead too. (Ask each publisher what number you should use for the respective books you are selling.)

That’s it.

Here are two landing page examples that work: Bob Bly also has an ebook about landing pages, and his are the best examples I see in print.

One at

Another at

#7 in this series next week.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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