To which publishers would I submit my 2014 book? What order?


Yesterday I emailed my January newsletter, which goes out every two months, free.

The section enclosed here is the answer to the question I think I was most asked in 2013: “If you were going to publish a book today, who would you submit it to and in what order?

I have 10 places I would send it. But oddly major publishers come in fifth (and as a parallel submission taking its own time, if I even wanted to follow that route.) In short, I’d write the book, get it proofed, get a cover prepped, and have it printed by other houses as a paperback, and then adjust the file to digital format and have the first of many ebooks created. Then I might branch off and see if the some editor at a big house, with the book and a proposal in hand, would champion it through those ranks. In the meantime it would be selling on its own after a few weeks of getting it in ready-to-go form. The other steps might cost a few hundred dollars total–at most less than 500.

So here’s what I shared with my newsletterfolk yesterday:

If I want to create my own book and, ultimately, for it be well enough known and accepted to earn a worthy living from and to speak and write more about, here is a (very) rough order of the publishers I would contact and the processes I would follow.

Actually, niche publishing would be first on the list, with me doing my own pretesting, publishing, and marketing. But it is excluded from this list because its is so unique it requires its own path. See Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time for more details.]

As 2014 begins, here is the order for more conventional publishing. It assumes that (1) the book has been properly researched and proofread, (2) the final inside pages are laid out ready to go in the appropriate software, (3) the cover is completed and meets the submission size requirements, (4) the paperback copy can be modified into appropriate ebook format(s), and (5) the paperback front cover is usable for the digital copies or is properly modified. (I give step-by-step details on the five steps in How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days.) I would:

* submit ready-to-go paperback files to CreateSpace
* submit ready-to-go paperback files to LSI
* buy 100 starter copies from LSI for my company’s initial use
* convert the paperback files to ebook format, then, when ready to go, to PDF files for my company’s market-ready ebook
(* if wanted, begin a concurrent campaign to get the book bought by a major publisher, directly or through an agent. Use the starter copies in the proposal packet)
* submit ready-to-go digital files to Kindle
* submit ready-to-go digital files to Nook
* submit ready-to-go digital files to LSI
* submit ready-to-go digital to files to Scribd
* if warranted by demand, send my ready-to-go paperback files to an offset or copier press for book production and my company’s distribution


I explain how I arrived at this order in the earlier part of yesterday’s newsletter, as well as how you use Amazon and Lightning Source simultaneously to probably triple your sales.

Let me send you directly to my copy of the newsletter. If you want to try the newsletter, sign up here and you will get three very good reports too. You can escape one minute after you download the reports! Just tell them (the magic powers that make this box work) that you want to unsubscribe. I do that half the time.

Here are the report titles:

“Lifelong Wealth by Being Indispensable”
“101 Niche Marketing Topics”
“Finding Indispensable Article Topics”

(I also blog a couple of times a week.)

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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