Sixth and final posting of our new book at a different publisher each day this week: this one at Kindle


I’ve just finished a step-by-step book about how seven solid publishing firms will publish your book almost free and immediately. You can use all seven, several of them, or just one.

It’s called How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days. (For specifics, go to

The model I have in my mind is somebody’s aunt with a crab apple recipe book that is a family gem that would never, ever see print if she didn’t get the intermediate help, free, to take her words and photos and preserve them in print forever. Unheard of a few years back. Completely doable in about as much time as it takes her to write the book, take the photos, and get the book gathered, proofed, and submitted. 

If you doubt that, I’ve just taken a ready-to-go book and created eight different editions of that book, half selling right now, the rest up in a week or so. And being sold by the publishing houses and their distributors! I simply did what your aunt can do.

This is the sixth consecutive blog explaining the book posting at these houses, in this order: Scribd, Smashwords, LSI (LightningSource), Create Space, Lulu, and (today) Kindle. (The topic simply isn’t appropriate for Blurb.)

For the next month or two I will keep track of all six postings here at the blog. If anything unusual happens, I will share it with you.

One unusual happening came from CreateSpace today, where they accepted the interior (text) of the book but need a slightly modified cover (with a bit more bleed). So we will ask our cover genius to bleed a bit and we will send it to them, to get the bound version finalized.

Oddly, today, all went about as well as it usually does with Kindle, except that they too said no (refused to download) the front cover I submitted. I suspect it’s not within the 500-1200 pixel long-edge length dimension they want, so again I will ask the coverman to shrink or stretch it to fit, and I’ll send it too.

The usual difficulties with the Kindle interior. They want a .doc digital format so I took file #2 and subjected it to severe uglifying actions so it would fit on their machine and at least look readable if not dignified. That means removing numbers, footers or headers, most of the size differences in chapter heads, and any charts or graphs. (Thus three useful charts were pruned; readers were sent to special links to see the expunged info).

I saved and retitled this new file (now file#2kindle.doc). Then I posted it and held my breath. They sent back a sample of what the published book will look like. Not bad but a true plain Jane, with the odd indent and left margin deviations popping up to plague me. I wrote down the wincers, and was about to upgrade the file when, to my surprise, it disappeared–and when I found it again, it had been published, sans cover and with oddities! God knows what key I hit. Probably publish! (They also sent a note saying they’d be back in a day or two with their commentary!)   

Kindle uses its own software which means that nothing quite works there, and PDF can’t be used to lock the artwork in place.

Having said that, the submission process could not be easier. It took an hour to refashion the file so it would look less worse than if it hadn’t been done, and then only 20 minutes to get the rest up and ready to sell. Is something out of whack there? 

Where does Kindle hide? See

Thus ends what for some may have been the dullest six-set blog series every served!

Still, if you are eager to put your book out quickly, free, and looking good (as good as any bookstore book) without having to learn any publishing or incur the usual $500-5000 printing gamble, the whole thing is as close to a miracle as I’ve ever seen in publishing since movable type.

And you don’t need my book to do it. But it will sure shorten the path and help decipher the lingo at the respective websites. The trick is to have the files ready to go. Then it’s a breeze.

What do I have ready to be bought at the end of this six-day week? A bound book at LSI, Lulu, and CreateSpace and an e-book at LSI, Lulu, Smashwords, Scribd, and Kindle, plus my own bound and e-book, or 10 books all ready or about ready to be produced or printed and sold literally worldwide (and back-of-the-room).

If these blogs helped, great.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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