Some ebooks free!

Smashwords is selling almost all of my ebooks (some free, others heavily discounted) on my recent ORDER FORM for 2019 list (write 2019 in search box). But they must be ordered between NOW and Dec. 31!

Just go to, put Burgett on the author search line, and when it appears, open the two listings for Gordon Burgett plus the one for Jim Burgett, go down the items listed at each offering, and the ebooks are sent right away.

My free ebooks are:

* “How to Create a High School Graduation Book”
* “How to Pick the Right Kind of Publisher”
* “‘Open’ Book Publishing is Almost a Miracle!”
* “How to Get Your Niche Book in Print 75% of the Time”
* “Finding Topics That Make Your Articles Indispensable”

Best wishes, Gordon Burgett