The 10-Step Publishing Process: The List in Order (#2 of 10)


Here’s the premise: I want to profitably publish my just-finished book six times, and I want a couple of those versions in print in 2-3 weeks. I’ll show you how to do that in a 10-step blog series. This is blog #2. (It began with “How do I profitably publish six times my just-finished book?” (see below), which was the first of the series.)

To do that I must write the book and put it in ready-to-go fashion. You’re on your own picking your title and writing your book here. I don’t care if it’s fiction or nonfiction, funny, dull, a cookbook or how-to, for kids or octogenarians or both. All kinds of books will work, with one exception, niche books. I discuss niching here often. See earlier blogs or my Niche Publishing: How to Publish Profitably Every Time.

My part is to write my book and help you publish your book as I publish mine.

To help both of us do that I will create a step-by-step list of what I must do to get my book published at least six times (I’ll actually show you how to do it eight times) and get a couple of those versions in print in 2-3 weeks. You can do the same thing once your book is ready to go.

So I’m going to create 10 steps (arbitrarily; I can add or subtract as needed), and in the coming blogs I will share with you how I do the steps (pretty much as they are actually done), so you do them too. I’m shooting to post at least one blog a week in this process, and while I will give them different titles I will indicate the step number in the titles. I will also remind you in the opening paragraph that the blog is an amplification of THE 10-STEP PUBLISHING PROCESS.

So let’s start right now.

In the last blog (#1) I shared what had already been done on my just-finished-final-draft book. In summary, (1) I had typed the last word of the second draft of the book 20 minutes earlier, (2) I printed out that first draft, with temporary page numbers on the bottom, (3) I created a rough table of contents and wrote the seven section themes and chapter numbers on the printed pages where that segment more or less began, (4) this past week I read the typed first draft slowly and carefully, and I converted that copy into final computer text, (5) from that I began editing (by hand) that first draft into a second draft (which I just finished two days ago), (6) yesterday I inserted those hand changes in the computer text to create the second draft, then I carefully read and reread each paragraph and chapter and continued to modify the text until it read the way I thought it sounded best and made the most sense to another reader. When I was done, fairly late last night, I had finished the second draft, in digital copy, (7) this morning I printed out that second draft and read it word-by-word one last time. I made a few changes, about a word or phrase per page, and I moved a few paragraphs around (or I eliminated them and adjusted the nearby text) on the printed draft. I just inserted those changes into the computer text, and right now I have my final third draft.

Finally, I just sent that third draft to an experienced proofreader who will return it within a week.

I might also let a friend or two read the third draft for any changes, structural modifications, objections, or other suggestions. Sometimes (in fact, usually) I send them the finished second draft, so their suggestions (if accepted) will appear in my final third draft before it’s sent to the professional proofreader. But my schedule is packed this time and I will insert anything valuable in the draft I send the printer. (Those special readers are gratefully acknowledged in the book.)


I told you that in this blog I would send my step-by-step publishing process. So that’s what follows. I will expand each step in the blogs to come. This process is not divinely created. I’m doing it as I go, although I’ve published maybe 80 books (for me and others) so it’s not totally made up either.

Step 1: After writing, editing, rewriting, editing, and having your book proofread, put your final, proofed copy in Word, and format the book.

Step 2: Get a two-sided, professional-looking copy designed and prepped; check Create/Space and Kindle for the dimensions.

Step 3: Convert your ready-to-go Word manuscript into .pdf, and proof it again (mostly at the page breaks).

Step 4: Create a short (500 words) and long description (up to 2500 words) of your book, a bio of you (100-500 words), and a price for the paperback and ebook versions of your book. Save that in Word, mostly for your text/cover submissions.

Step 5: Use the info in (4), plus a .jpg of your cover, to create a landing page that “sells” your book. Put it on your website and include an ordering button (or several) so enchanted readers can order the bound or ebook versions of your book. Use a shopping cart system or your own. Or you can send them to an “open” publisher where they can buy the books.

Step 6: Send your ready-to-go Word manuscript and two-sided cover to Create Space (and perhaps Lightning Source) to have paperback copies printed. They will cost, respectively and approximately, $25 and $105.

Step 7: Redesign and modify your paperback text and formatting (in 1) into ebook format.

Step 8: Send your ebook copy and front-only cover to Kindle.

Step 9: Send your ebook copy and front-only cover to Nook.

Step 10: Send your ebook copy and front-only cover to Smashwords. May require some adjustment and resubmission to be included in the Premium catalog.

(Step 11: Consider also submitting the respective text/cover to Scribd, Lulu, and/or Blurb.)

That’s today’s blog. I’ll focus on the above steps, probably in order, in the coming missives.

If you are stumped about how to write your book and get to step (1) above, you might take a look at the first half of my How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days. It’s a straightforward how-to-write-your-book primer, and the second half tells how to submit it to the “open” publishers above: Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, CreateSpace, and Scribd.

More about the remaining, heart-pounding steps in THE 10-STEP PUBLISHING PROCESS #3.

I hope this helps you put your dream in doable order.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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