What’s so good about niche publishing? (Blog Bundle #1)


Niche publishing sounds like it’s the true path to poverty! Publishing is hard enough, but to niche markets? Working harder and taking greater risks just to sell to fewer people?

You’re in for a huge surprise!

It may be the best kept secret in the book publishers’ trove that big money, less risk, quicker returns, and a long-term, dependable income are yours from helping fewer people. In fact, within reason, the smaller the market, the bigger the pot of gold. Best yet, here small publishers can beat the giants at their own game every time!

So I’m going to share in this Blog Bundle the inside steps about how you can quickly profit from publishing to tightly-targeted markets.

And there are two more huge benefits hiding in this little known grove:

One, before you write a word or print a page, you can pre-test and see if your book will sell, roughly how many copies, if the title works, and if you chose the best contents—for about $500. (Your goal—discussed in the next blog—is $100,000 in sales, with half of that profit. $500 is 1/200 of $100,000.)

Because being able to pre-test is such a boon, I will tell you in this blog series exactly what you do to conduct the test and know if you have a winner book in just 30 days!

The second giant benefit is that your niche book can be the first (and core) product of an empire that will triple your book income every year, and then multiply that again from related books, CDs, videos, seminars, speeches, reports, consulting, and classes you can offer to your eager book buyers and their colleagues. Why? Because your book proves that you are an expert in their field, solving their problems and fixing their frustrations. Who wouldn’t rush to buy more good stuff from that source—you ?

Niche publishing is the domain of self- or small publishers. The big houses won’t touch it, mostly because they market so poorly to chosen sections of the mass. It’s sitting there waiting for you or another writer or publisher to serve and be well rewarded!

How do I know? I backed into it about 15 years ago, and now most of my 40 published books are in niched hands! One field, dentistry, earned us about $2,000,000. We’re hoping for the same in K-12 school administration.

But I also write broader books too, and one of my biggest sellers is Niche Publishing: Publishing Profitably Every Time. It explains the whole process, step-by-step. In retrospect, niche publishing was the brightest (and most lucrative) thing I have done in decades. It gave me an opportunity to learn about the philosophy and practice, which led to a solid TCE process and the book.

I’m sharing from that book (and the 100+ seminars it spawned) in this blog, just as I did on July 20 in a webinar for the IBPA (International Book Publishers Association) called “How to Triple Your Profits and Remove Your Risk by Pre-Testing Your Niche Book.”

Which means that in the coming blogs I will discuss and explain (2) the goals and assumptions of niche publishing pre-testing, (3) defining a niche market that pays, (4) how to pick a subject and book title, (5) will you be the author or publisher, or both?, (6) your book price, range, and test measurements, (7) the cost of your niche publishing pre-test, (8) getting a free mailing list, (9) creating the test flyer, (10) a test note, (11) the accompanying postcard, and (12) the 25 steps of prepping, mailing, and evaluating the pre-test.

I’ll continue next Friday… and probably post other blogs about writing-related things on Tuesdays. See you next week. (You might tell blog-reading friends about this series too, particularly if they write or publish to niches.)

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

P.S. Every Friday until Oct. 14 I will blog about niche publishing (mostly about pre-testing). All will include the words “Blog Bundle” and the respective number, so you can find them in the search box. (#2 is about the goal and assumptions of pre-testing.) If you want to get a how-to handle on the whole concept, see the write-up of Niche Publishing: Publishing Profitably Every Time. (Also, join my free monthly newsletter where I expand more on empire building (with niche publishing at its core.)

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