What’s the summary schedule and process for printing almost free books through Lulu, CreateSpace, LSI, Smashwords (with Kindle and iPad), Blurb, and Scribd—the ancillary publishers?


Here’s a slightly modified excerpt from my recent how-to book How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days:

You can’t publish a book until it’s written. That’s [what we’ve been discussing] in Chapter Three and why you have produced the files you will need for publishing.

Actually, the publishing clock starts clicking the moment you have your book saved in ready-to-print form in File #1 (in .doc), plus you have a cover (in File #5)—or will produce one at the publisher’s Web site. In minutes you can become a bona fide published author!

How do you do that? We’ll show you the step-by-step process in this chapter.

In summary, you simply can take the e-book version of File #1 (either File #3 or more likely your PDF File #4), add in the front cover, and enter it into your respective ancillary publishing site, and in five minutes that book will be posted worldwide for sale! Can it get any faster than that?

What about the bound book? You will submit File #1 (in .doc) or more likely File #2 (in PDF), add in the cover in File #5 (or create the cover on site), and send it to the respective Web site. In a minute or less you’ll get back the first proof (you see it on your monitor). You will make any correction or modification you wish until the book is exactly as you want it. When you tell the Web site the book is ready to go, they will charge you to mail [back] a printed proof. You pay the freight (about $25), the book arrives in a few days, you approve it, and a few days later that bound book is also ready to be bought by your family, friends, colleagues, clients, or unknown booklovers anywhere. [As ordered, they will create and send a print-on-demand copy to the buyer, then pay you about 35% of the list price, that you determine, in a month.]

Again, how can you beat that? All you really had to learn was how to enter files (and maybe a cover) into your computer!

You wonder why those of us with years in the trenches learning publishing shake our heads in awe? (And at the injustice of the time spent learning about picas, halftones, and shrinkwrapping!)

Related topics we will explore in this section:

* who these ancillary publishers are and what printing sorcery they perform on your behalf,
* how you can use them to your best advantage,
* a path I took when I first used them (and why that may make more money for you), and
* most important, how you can best and fastest wend you way through each publisher’s submission route, for both bound books and e-books

I hope this peek into the process is helpful. You may also wish to look at two recent, related blogs at this site that include the word “Lulu” early in their title. I also talk about ancillary publishing in almost every free, monthly newsletter.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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