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It used to be that 90% of your time getting in print was spent finding some big house to look at your query (or proposal), then writing the chapters they wanted, then rewriting the final book. Not to mention that it then took 18 months to see print!

How things have changed! In that time you can now write five (or 10) books and have every one of them in print being sold by major distributors, all earning for you simultaneously. Here are two formulae to make that happen.

One is for general books, fiction or nonfiction, that almost anybody would buy and that traditionally would most likely have been sold in brick-and-mortar bookstores. I’ll describe that formula in greater detail in a minute.

The other is my favorite: niche books. Here you focus on the reader first (like Porsche owners or veterinarians), find out something important they need to know (and don’t), how much they pay for similar books, where they buy them, what organizations or associations they join, and how to get a recent mailing list of 200-500 of them (Nth selection). Then you pretest your book (before writing it), and if the buyers are there at a price that will bring you a handsome (and fast) profit, get going. Two of my books explain this process, step-by-step: Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time and Test Your Niche Book First.

Back to formula #1. What would I do to get my general book in motion right now? Plan it, write it, get it error-free proofed, and prep it in final form in Word. Then also save that version in .pdf. And have a dynamite cover designed, 6 x 9: front, spine, and back. It should be at least 1600 pixels on one side, saved in .jpg.

From that you can send it to CreateSpace and have it published in paperback. It will cost about $30, and it will be available in a week or two after you OK the proof, buyable at Amazon.com. They will produce the books as bought, ship them, and all you have to do is wait for the publisher to send you a 35% royalty commission per book sold at the end of each month.

If you have a direct way to sell your paperbacks (like back-of-the-room at presentations, to clubs, a huge family, and so on), send that same file to Lightning Source (LSI) and pay $105 to get a proof and put the book on file. Then if you want to lay in your own stock, you can order 20 or 50 or 500 and they will ship them to you in five days.

If you have potential ebook buyers, include the front cover with the text in another .pdf file and put that up for sale for a few bucks less than the paperback. When you get paid for it, simply attach that file to a return email back to the buyer. No printing, no warehousing!

Then take the original final, fully proofed Word file and make some simple conversions for it to be accepted by others’ ebook software. Mostly, you get rid of the numbers, all goofy symbols, any tabbed spacing, and page breaks, plus you set the book text in Times Roman 11-point type and the chapter heads in 12- or 13-point bold. Save that as an ebook converted file. And make another file of the front cover of your book and save it in .jpg.

You can then submit the ebook converted file and the front cover to three “open” publishers—Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords—as well as other information they need (like your bio and a solid book description). You will get to see the final text at all three, and you can make corrections (if needed) before it’s released to the world. That costs you nothing, and if the book is priced at $2.99-$9.99, they will probably pay you 70% of what they get per sale. That windfall arrives monthly or quarterly: they will explain the details.

That’s the core structure I’d be looking at in early 2013. Of course you should sell your book as widely as possible. Mostly that’s making certain that others know it exists and how they will be benefited or beautified or be made brilliant (or whatever) if they buy, read, and do what your book says.

I didn’t mention selling to distributors or bookstores. Don’t worry about that at first. If your book grabs public fancy, they will seek you out. That’s where you will sell your paperback LSI stock.

Does this sound hopelessly complex? It’s really fairly easy to sell and get others to sell your book. The hardest part is writing something worth buying. That’s where you must focus hard at the outset. I explain each step of this process in How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days, but you can muddle through it on your own at first if you like, like I did.

That’s it. If you write/sell a general book, by my system you will have six versions of the same book on sale at once: your paperback and .pdf ebook, another paperback through CreateSpace, and three ebooks, one each through Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. (Lightning Source will also sell your book if you print copies there. They’ll also add your ebook to their selling mix, free, simply by telling them it exists and following a couple of easy steps.)

You can be in eprint just 10 minutes after it’s accepted by the “open” publishers, and a couple of weeks max in paperback from CreateSpace. Your own .pdf ebook is available the moment the final proofed book is completed in that format. And your own version of the paperback is salable the moment Fedex or UPS backs up to your penthouse.

Go to it!

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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