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When should I quit editing and send my book to press?

OnThat’s the question that a consulting client, now many months later, just asked. You might have the same question, and while my reply isn’t much of a surprise, here it is, after 46 published books. (Alas, my earliest books I almost tinkered to death!) “That’s a tough question. There will always be new news that [...]

Find the buyers before you write your book!

OnHere are some questions you might ask about fine-tuning your book to strengthen its distinctiveness and increase its buying demand. (Better than writing a book with no perceived–or real–buyers!) * In addition to the five or so books you already read about your topic, what else has already been in print about it in, say, [...]

Eight ways you can correct book errors in print!

OnWe’ve just published a book (The Art of School Boarding) that probably reached the printer (McNaughton-Gunn) yesterday. I’ll double check tomorrow to be sure the text we sent and the artwork (from Pakistan) are there. It used to be that once a book reached the paper or hard back printer (here, to Saline, Michigan, from [...]

Does your book need much or more research?

OnSometimes books don’t need much research. If your book is about a little girl spending a day at the circus with her grandparents, a quick refresher on what one sees or does at a circus is probably enough, maybe with a little girl in tow. Later you can go back and mull around to fill [...]

Where do you find more information for your book?

OnHere are some solid starters: * Start with a keyword list. Think, if you need the four (or six or ten) words that best describe your topic, what would they be? Create two columns on a piece of paper. Put those keywords in the first column. * Head to Google (or more specific search engines) [...]

“Treasure Hunt Clues” free book reminder 8/23-5

OnIf you are at all interested, from Friday through Sunday, Aug. 23-25, 100 Ready-to-Use Treasure Hunt Clues will be downloaded free from These are a follow-up to my Treasure and Scavenger Hunts: How to Plan, Create, and Give Them book (in the third edition) that was very popular a few years back. Since folks [...]

Give your book order, an angle, and a table of contents

OnSince you’ve got the core of your book ready in rough form, with its structure written on an envelope that keeps disappearing, you’ve actually interviewed a couple of people (sort of) who in fact knew something, and you know why you’re writing it and how it will end, it’s time to sort all of that [...]

What should the insides of your book look like?

OnSince you’ll start thinking about the inside layout and format as you are writing the book, take a quick look at my blog from a few weeks back, Don’t write dumb; read five more books very similar to yours first. You’ll see that what you want in your book is hiding inside the five or [...]

Your book’s back cover must be created early and properly

OnBack covers used to be almost the first place book buyers would look to see what was inside the book they had in hand, in a bookstore, at a convention stall, in the library, or from a colleague’s bookshelf. Was it worth flipping through the book’s pages? What could you get out of it? Would [...]

Our “best practices” for general market book publishing in mid-2013

OnIsn’t the idea to get your book out right now so the words are available for immediate purchase by others? Your PDF ebook downloads first, the Kindle-Nook kind of reader ebooks can see light in minutes once their submission is completed. And your core printed paperback, plus CreateSpace’s version, are a week or two behind. [...]