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How to gracefully accept and pre-answer a complaint

Whether you’re a school principal, publisher, engineer, or whatever, have you ever been swept off your feet by some windbag (sometimes well-meaning) bellowing one or many complaints at you? And then had to think up some positive (and intelligent) response, right on the spot, to at least level the one-person-shouting field so their problem could […]

Niche books are very profitable. How are their authors chosen?

I publish to niche markets, in my case to K-12 school administrators. All of those who write books for my firm must have a specific field of expertise of interest (and meet needs of) K-12 school administrators. Two examples, our two latest books, are The Art of School Boarding: What Every School Board Member Needs […]

Non-fiction books should shout with benefits and authority

What do you want your book to do? Probably (1) get bought–or at least read; (2) make you money; (3) if self-published, get snagged by a “big house” and do more of [1] and [2]; (4) establish you as an “expert” or “authority” in its topic field; (5) get potential readers to want to know […]

Writers: ideas for creating top-selling nonfiction books

I think of top-selling two ways. The most obvious is to sell more copies of your book than any other book like it in the market. If you sell 10,000 copies of the book, you outsold a person who sold 5,000. Duh. The less obvious way is to measure the effectiveness of your book’s sale. […]

5 kinds of consulting (and mentoring) for nonfiction writers and publishers

I’ve been an editor and nonfiction consultant for writers and publishers for at least 20 years, so I was grateful when an association client asked me to break down in greater detail the kinds of consulting I do. I guess it was much clearer in my head than on my services data! Then when I […]

CHIROPRACTORS: Write and Publish Your Own Book

There’s a straightforward, reliable way to earn at least $50,000 developing a niche book for a specialization, like chiropractic that I use in this how-to, step-by-step guide called Chiropractors: Write and Publish Your Own Niche Book (Start with a $50,000 buying base!). It starts with a pretest that will cost $550-750 or so to see […]

Sample newspaper releases for a public seminar (#12 of 12)

Here are two typical newspaper releases I sent simultaneously to every newspaper within about 50 miles of the location, usually addressed to the city editor. They were sent about 2 1/2 weeks before the program. (I have altered some of the numbers.) Item 1: NEWS RELEASE HAROLD SMITH Communication Unlimited P.O. Box XXX, Novato, CA […]

I flat out love the open publishing system…

I flat out love the open publishing system where you can send a book to six or seven publishers and it’ll be available in a day, or a few, to anybody who wants to know what you want to share. Not that I think, with exceptions, that the self-pub, do-it-yourselfers are going to be able […]

Focus most on your book’s contents, title, and cover

The founder of Smashwords and a leader in the understanding of the mushrooming ebook industry recently published an eye-opening and very instructive blog called “Mark Coker’s 2013 Book Publishing Industry Predictions—Indie Ebook Authors Take Charge.” I share those 21 predictions in my January 21 newsletter, and send the readers to the blog (above) for the […]

Think smaller and write/sell more booklets, short books, and blogged books

That was the gist of a very well organized and enthusiastically presented one-hour feature presentation by Nina Amir to the BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Assn) gathering in San Rafael, CA on January 12. Nina, the Inspiration to Creation Coach, is the author of Writer’s Digest’s How to Blog a Book: Write, Publish and Promote […]