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Writers: ideas for creating top-selling nonfiction books

I think of top-selling two ways. The most obvious is to sell more copies of your book than any other book like it in the market. If you sell 10,000 copies of the book, you outsold a person who sold 5,000. Duh. The less obvious way is to measure the effectiveness of your book’s sale. […]

5 kinds of consulting (and mentoring) for nonfiction writers and publishers

I’ve been an editor and nonfiction consultant for writers and publishers for at least 20 years, so I was grateful when an association client asked me to break down in greater detail the kinds of consulting I do. I guess it was much clearer in my head than on my services data! Then when I […]

CHIROPRACTORS: Write and Publish Your Own Book

There’s a straightforward, reliable way to earn at least $50,000 developing a niche book for a specialization, like chiropractic that I use in this how-to, step-by-step guide called Chiropractors: Write and Publish Your Own Niche Book (Start with a $50,000 buying base!). It starts with a pretest that will cost $550-750 or so to see […]

Want to sell almost 100% of your NF writing?

That’s the title of a three-hour program I’m offering at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference on Monday, Feb. 17, from 9-noon. I thought you might enjoy an overview of the program that all of the registered participants will receive on an all-program digital plug-in fairly soon. It’s a one-page summary of what I will explain […]

To which publishers would I submit my 2014 book? What order?

Yesterday I emailed my January newsletter, which goes out every two months, free. The section enclosed here is the answer to the question I think I was most asked in 2013: “If you were going to publish a book today, who would you submit it to and in what order? I have 10 places I […]

Which sells best: major houses, ebook, or self-publishing?

“What kind of book do you want to sell?” has to be the first question. I’m interested here in nonfiction. That’s because self-publishers don’t publish fiction. It’s almost impossible for them to sell, and I want to compare all three since we can now dip into all three ponds, two directly and the third by […]

Our “best practices” for general market book publishing in mid-2013

Isn’t the idea to get your book out right now so the words are available for immediate purchase by others? Your PDF ebook downloads first, the Kindle-Nook kind of reader ebooks can see light in minutes once their submission is completed. And your core printed paperback, plus CreateSpace’s version, are a week or two behind. […]

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I flat out love the open publishing system…

I flat out love the open publishing system where you can send a book to six or seven publishers and it’ll be available in a day, or a few, to anybody who wants to know what you want to share. Not that I think, with exceptions, that the self-pub, do-it-yourselfers are going to be able […]

How to find the precise book subject that others want to buy

I particularly liked a posting by Rob Carver who suggested that writers simply talk to the ultimate buyers in their market to see what they want to read and buy. (This was part of a very interesting discussion in the Linkedin Group called Ebooks, Ebook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Content Publishing.) Getting new book […]

Write a dandy book and sell it worldwide in minutes, hands-free…

It used to be that 90% of your time getting in print was spent finding some big house to look at your query (or proposal), then writing the chapters they wanted, then rewriting the final book. Not to mention that it then took 18 months to see print! How things have changed! In that time […]