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When giving seminars, where do do-it-yourselfers fit in?

OnThis is #4 of our 15-blog series about “How to Set Up and Market Your Own Seminar.” More details at or In the nine-classification list of seminars/workshops described in blog #3 (DEFINING SEMINARS), where does the do-it-yourselfer fit in? And in which of the nine categories is it best to first offer your [...]

8 ways where or why seminars are usually given (#3 of 15)

OnThis is a very short blog because I will discuss in much greater depth the ways that we identify (and create and present) seminars in later sections of this 15-blog series, which itself is an updating of a workbook that accompanies my How to Set Up and Market Your Own Seminar CD series that will [...]

“How to Set Up and Market Your Own Seminar,” blog #1 of 15

OnSomewhere about seminar 200 three attendees independently asked me if I could tell them how to set up their own seminar. I was flattered–and surprised that there was nothing in print at that time about the topic, though seminars bloomed in profusion nationwide, on week nights and weekends. So I created a four-hour audio cassette [...]

2014 tax tips for writers and publishers

OnFor years I spoke about tax tips for writers/publishers in my “How to Sell 75% of Your Freelance Writing” and “Writing Travel Articles That Sell” seminars in CA. Since I often had taxfolk in the audience (even the IRS auditor I was requested to visit every six years or so), I had to keep up [...]

Want to sell almost 100% of your NF writing?

OnThat’s the title of a three-hour program I’m offering at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference on Monday, Feb. 17, from 9-noon. I thought you might enjoy an overview of the program that all of the registered participants will receive on an all-program digital plug-in fairly soon. It’s a one-page summary of what I will explain [...]

Which sells best: major houses, ebook, or self-publishing?

On“What kind of book do you want to sell?” has to be the first question. I’m interested here in nonfiction. That’s because self-publishers don’t publish fiction. It’s almost impossible for them to sell, and I want to compare all three since we can now dip into all three ponds, two directly and the third by [...]

30 key points about The Art of School Boarding

On Jim Burgett’s just-released book, The Art of School Boarding, is our newest release from Education Communication Unlimited, in both paperback (from us and CreateSpace) and in digital versions(in .pdf from us and in the respective reader versions from Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Scribd). Here are specific ordering details, plus much more about [...]

Emceeing: How to introduce a lot of people quickly…

OnSometimes, as an MC, you are called upon to introduce a lot of people, most of whom simply must be acknowledged or their name must be mentioned. They may be sitting on the stage behind you, scattered in the audience (best if they sit at or near the front), or both. The dilemma is the [...]

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Emceeing: 7/5/13 script, Barbershoppers at Marin County (CA) Fair

On(1) Happy Birthday! Yesterday was our country’s birthday, and today we want to help you celebrate it by singing some festive songs the barbershop way! We are the Marin Golden Gate Barbershoppers—and I’m Gordon Burgett. How many of you folks are from other countries or other states? Raise your hand, then shout it out. Great! [...]

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How to find the precise book subject that others want to buy

OnI particularly liked a posting by Rob Carver who suggested that writers simply talk to the ultimate buyers in their market to see what they want to read and buy. (This was part of a very interesting discussion in the Linkedin Group called Ebooks, Ebook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Content Publishing.) Getting new book [...]