Are you being quoted enough?

Gordon attacked by wooden bird

Gordon attacked by wooden bird

If you’re a writer, are you waiting for others to find you best stuff to use for quotes?

Want to get a sentence or two of your wisdom in a reader’s 25,000-member mailing list?

How about your saying or how-to suggestion finding a nest in another’s best-selling book, thus finding favor in every corner of the world in print forever?

You get the idea.

I just released an 18-page, 6000-word report called “How to be Quoted Almost Everywhere Almost All the Time” that explains the “why’s” and the process–costing $19, but only $10 until Oct. 15. That’s $ .0017 a word for a free ticket into posterity.

If you want the details, go to my newsletter out tomorrow (or see the archives): Or go to, find the product, and put 5350 in the coupon–before I come to my senses, or Oct. 15, whichever is first.

If you want to see your own quotes in print, you have to seed the field. They almost never appear spontaneously.

But it’s easy to do, fun, and it works, if you do.

I don’t know about you but when I see someone else quoted, I figure they are among the chosen few. And in a way they are, but they got there by standing in line waiting to be chosen!

The line starts at the links above!

Gordon Burgett

P.S. Why not jump ahead of the line and send in an instant subscription to my free monthly newsletter? If it’s not for you, then unsubscribe. We’ll never say a word, and your address is never, ever sold or traded. It’s too valuable!

A great edition coming up on 10/l about how, once you’ve published your book, you can put it out in print seven more times almost free!

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Elance writers: feels my newsletter comments were “a real put-down”

A much appreciated comment to my 9/1 newsletter:


What I got from the tone of your newsletter was that the only use you had for Elance was to hire someone dirt cheap to write the “easy” stuff you didn’t have time to do or to write something you could sell over and over and make a bunch of money from. I feel that is a real put-down to those of us who use it to make an honest living and charge real prices instead of $5 a page.

I have written some really specialized materials for large companies and gotten ongoing work in areas I never could have broken into in any other way. True, I don’t get royalties off of it, but that is the nature of ghostwriting. I do have credits on several web sites where I started out as a ghostwriter such as and and the long-term relationships have yielded thousands of dollars.

I definitely agree with you that both Elance and Guru have “improved” their sites in ways that have made them much more baffling to navigate. Both offer tutorials if you care to spend the time. Their tutorials are very helpful and even taught me how to write a proposal and how to figure out if something I bid on was probably going to be done or not so I did not waste a lot of time. They provide a lot of safeguards to make sure the freelancer gets paid and the client gets the product.

The other thing you did not mention was why the ebook you were selling (edited by Bob Bly) was written which I think is the most important aspect! Bob hired her through Elance to write a different ebook, but Elance shows how much each person has made on Elance and Bob was so impressed with her money, he asked her to write about how she did it! Many of us have made more money in the same time frame, but a lot of it has been through ongoing relationships instead of all through Elance. Once I forge a relationship through Elance or Guru, we work through e-mail and PayPal so that we don’t both lose commissions to Elance and Guru.

You are welcome to use any of my comments on your blog.

Sally Rushmore

A quick reply:

Heavens, all blessings to elance writers–that’s why I linked to Lindsay Zortman’s (Bob Bly’s) book telling my readers how to join their ranks. Yet I see my newsletter readers as mostly being publishers, published writers, or empire builders and I see them most profitably using elance writing services for ancillary purposes. And yes, to increase their publishing income while filling the writer’s coffers too. I think we’re on the same side!

Gordon Burgett

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