First posting of a new book to be published six times in a week: this at Scribd

My new book, about you publishing your book free and now, is ready for posting at Scribd, Lulu, CreateSpace, LSI, Smashwords, and Kindle. (It’s simply not suitable for Blurb.) So up it went yesterday at Scribd, which is the easiest to use but, if history repeats, will sell the least.

We will keep track of all six postings here at the blog. When that happens and what results.

To see the posted book, go to “Gordon Burgett” or “How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days” at If you want more details, go to

Scribd shows that 45 people viewed the book in about 16 hours. Several were me!

If you open the book up, you can preview an odd assortment of 15 pages of the text, one of them the list of the details of the seven AP sites! Bingo. (My book mostly shows you how to decipher and submit through those sites.)

Was the posting easy? You bet. Except that, duh, I first posted the book at the free site. If you were there for the two minutes it took me to delete that and get it on the store site (meaning paid), you may have lucked out!

All I did was post the text file (I put the cover as the first page), a bit of info, and a description. The last is the most important, so I began with a flattering testimonial by Dan Poynter, a self-publishing guru–so the first thing a potential buyer sees, before the contents and all–is a directive to buy! If that doesn’t scare buyers away, then what the book is about follows.

Incidentally, I used File #4 here, the e-book pdf file designed just for this use, as I explain in the book.

This is a perfect example of my book’s title in action. Here’s a full book available to buy in maybe two minutes after I found the bookstore posting link. It cost me nada, nothing, and I will receive 80% or so in royalties per sale. The moment it was on the site, the book was being sold in the farthest corners of Bhutan and Bulgaria, plus Boise.

It’s a great new publishing world!

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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