Want to find your book, DVD, AC, or article in a library?

My local librarian pointed me to a resource you may not know, even though it’s the largest library listing in the world, with 1.5 billion items listed from 10,000 libraries worldwide.

It’s and there are lots of different ways it can be used.

You have to pick out a format: book, article, CD, DVD, or all.

Then you must write in a topic. (I wonder what percent start with their own name?)

Push “go” and up will pop as many of the items as you have published as, say, a book. You then pick one of those items, like book X, and you may have 50 or 100 (or a lot more) copies of that book listed in libraries worldwide. If you entered your ZIP, it will list them starting at the closest library to the farthest. You can then see that library’s use policy, and much more.

Your book may be rated too. Five stars is tops.

But you can also see other books in related topics too. It will give you the topics, and you can sort by that subject to see what’s also available nearby. From that you might build a bibliography for further research or to use in planning your own topic expansion.

Drawbacks? In my county, this book hides at five libraries but none of those were in this search, and I would have had to drive 30 miles to get the closest copy (instead of just going to my storeroom!) So obviously not every library was included.

Still, if you want to see where your book is readily available in, say, India or London, this might tell you. It’s kind of like for libraries.

I was just surprised it existed, and wanted to share it with you.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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