How long should your blog be?

How long is the ideal blog?

The CreatePaceBlogger says it should be from 250 and 600 words, but the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts says 250 words will get the highest ranking.

If you’ve been reading my blogs, some of them are about a million words long, or so they seem. Oh well…

They asked Abraham Lincoln how tall a person should be. He said they should be tall enough for their feet to reach the ground!

That’s how I feel about blogs: they have to say something, and if they need more words to get there, put them in.

If they are just a few sentences, unless they are consistently funny or overpoweringly pithy, I’d stop visiting. That you can send by Twitter.

But I know that long, endless blogs scare others (and me) away too, unless the writer starts with a lead that is compelling (a hook lead), and keeps the segues or links tight, like cliffhangers in the old serials (don’t ask). Even that won’t snag many readers for too long.

The point of all of this: there is no answer, but if you can quit at around 250 words and you’ve said something worth reading (and returning to read more again) that’s about the best you can do.

For me, if you want a bit more in depth visit my free newsletter that you can only read monthly.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

P.S. This blog is 250 words long, with this P.S. but no title. Bingo!

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