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Great way to find your Smashwords earnings!

I’m a publisher with a stable of six gifted authors, so knowing how many books each of them have sold at any particular time is a pesky problem. Especially if they want to know their Smashwords sales, where we had to wade through a mind-boggling list to make even an approximate tally. Until now it […]

Our “best practices” for general market book publishing in mid-2013

Isn’t the idea to get your book out right now so the words are available for immediate purchase by others? Your PDF ebook downloads first, the Kindle-Nook kind of reader ebooks can see light in minutes once their submission is completed. And your core printed paperback, plus CreateSpace’s version, are a week or two behind. […]

There are two publishing revolutions afoot…

It seems that there are two publishing revolutions taking place, one at each end of what we traditionally think of as a book. Both were touched upon in the ASJA-sponsored meeting in Berkeley on May 15. They barely fit under the umbrella title of “E-Books. Apps, and Clouds.” Mostly unmentioned were the book’s core content […]

The downfall of the mainstream publishers as we know them…

“It’s time that writers and publishers stood up for free speech!” said Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, to some 85 attendees at the ASJA-sponsored free gathering on Sunday, May 15, in the Berkeley Public Library. The topic was “E-Books, Apps, and Clouds: How Writers Are Creating the Future of Publishing.” Mark said it was paradoxical […]