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12 little things that publishers should know

These are question answers from grizzled veterans during the opening Q-A part of the BAIPA meeting in Novato (near San Francisco) on 7/12. BAIPA is the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, meeting in Novato the second Saturday of every month. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down who said what, so there goes the source! (But I’ve […]

Using social media to increase your publishing and speaking presence and income

“Webify Your Book Marketing” was the title of Karen Clark’s excellent 90-minute how-to program to about 80 book publishers at the 5/12/12 meeting of BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers), in San Rafael, California. The most pressing questions that Karen answered, with humor and clarity, were (1) what were the most effective social media for promotion, […]

Turning your blog into a book?

That can be the best or dumbest idea ever to flit through your mind. On the surface, it sounds so easy. Just let your fingers fly for a few minutes each day, post that daily patch of genius, and delight the world before six each night! Imagine how much more delighted both readers will be […]

How long should your blog be?

How long is the ideal blog? The CreatePaceBlogger says it should be from 250 and 600 words, but the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts says 250 words will get the highest ranking. If you’ve been reading my blogs, some of them are about a million words long, or so they seem. Oh well… They asked […]

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