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Submitting a final first draft manuscript to an editor…

Let’s say you have a super book, a novel or a dandy nonfiction winner, that you have shopped to a publisher—and to your horror they said “yes, get it in final form and send it to us.” Or you have a book in final first draft form and you are having a firm prep the […]

How to write your book’s first draft

As quickly as possible—and do it first! Let me share an inside secret on how you can separate the newbies from the veterans. The latter race through the first draft while the first timers belabor every word, parse thrice every phrase, and start again and again and again. The vets know that their initial inspirations […]

Two questions about new rewrite book material, and when it should be rewritten

Two questions we might share while I’m plunk in the process of updating and rewriting a book about niche marketing. The first concerns five definitions of niche markets rather than just one in the book to be rewritten. (This niche marketing pertains to writers, speakers, and entrepreneurs—the three target categories to whom I direct my […]

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How do I evaluate a submitted nonfiction book?

I’ve been a publisher since 1982 (and had 41 of my own books published) so when mostly my National Speaker’s Association buddies asked if I did any professional book evaluations, I said yes. That was about 15 years ago. Let me tell you mostly what I look for or the questions I try to answer. […]

What a “ready-to-publish” reviewer looks for…

Often I’m asked what I need to provide a solid “go, change, or stop” book review before the author goes to press or finishes his or her manuscript before querying an editor at a publishing house, though I don’t recommend writing the book before querying (as you will read below). I’ve been directly involved with […]

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