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Resell your article again and again? Here’s the needed tool.

If you’ve had a good article in print, why not sell it again and again? To do that you need a cover letter to send to the second editor. These are full-page letters sent to editors who buy reprints (same as second rights)—usually editors who pay on publication. If you sold first rights to the […]

Magazine reprint letter, to resell an article already in print

When I was much more active selling magazine and newspaper pieces, my hidden moneymaker was the simple reprint cover letter. I averaged about three reprints for each first sale then (though sometimes that took a year or two and a long list of publications that bought second rights). The process was straightforward. I’d write a full query […]

Writing the Simultaneous Submission Cover Letter

In “Selling 75% of Your Freelance Writing” a simultaneous submission cover letter plays a less crucial role than the query letter. That’s because it accompanies an actual manuscript, which is what the editor will use to make their buying decision. Remember, in the first nine sections (of 16) about freelance selling we discussed using the […]