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Four ways to get magazine or newspaper interviews

Over the past 30-years, in my “Writing Travel Articles That Sell” seminar, I’d talk for about 20 minutes about interviewing. The entire process has almost completely changed during that time. First, though, why bother to interview at all? Who really cares? The editors who will hopefully buy your article (even book) care a lot. It’s […]

How to Interview a Famous Person…

You already know the answer: about the same way you interview a lesser (known) mortal, except as humble as that person is (it happens!) they still expect a bit of deference… The real question is, how do you get to interview a famous person? Let’s assume you are doing this as the core of an […]

How to get an interview for your article or book…

An attendee from one of my publishing seminars is writing a book and had a few interview-related questions that you may also have, so let me share a few thoughts here. (Incidentally, I’m offering three different writing- and publishing-related seminars near Stanford and Santa Cruz, California, in mid-March: see One, how to arrange an […]