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How to get called to consult…

[I’m in the middle of final editing a new book about niche marketing. This is a very short section about consulting. I’ll share excerpts from other chapters in the coming months at this blogsite and at my free newsletter.] There are many forms of consulting, so we should perhaps discuss those first before we try […]

How much does it cost to pre-test your niche book? (Blog Bundle #7)

In this 12-part Blog Bundle we are designing a niche book pre-test. That can be a huge financial boon to you. Still, nothing’s totally free (except this information!). So how can we test our niche book as efficiently as possible yet still spend the minimum amount of money doing so? Here’s a quick list of […]

Mainstream publishing may not matter at all to most publishers…

Let me offer another thought, between Mark Coker’s “The big houses are on the way out” and Peter Beren’s “Not only won’t it happen…” I wonder if, for 95% of the potential book publishers, the big houses matter much at all. Oops, in one case they can matter a lot: to an author sought out […]

Make a bundle almost risk-free by publishing niche books…

It’s much easier, less risky, and far more profitable publishing books for a niche audience. Ask first what are the ten biggest problems that practitioners in your niche (plumbers, dentists, auto repairmen, hair dressers…) would pay $100 on the spot to have resolved. Zero in on one and write a how-to, step-by-step book by which […]

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