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Also use Nook Press to publish your own book–free!

I’ve been selling my e-books through Nook Press for four years and it’s a good way to get your book posted for sale at Barnes and Noble, which runs it. (Its platform was earlier known as Pubit!) It’s probably the easiest free ebook press site to use. (The others most used are Kindle and Smashwords.) […]

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Creating Book Covers That Work…

It’s fun to look through a professional book designer’s eyes to share what works for them—and what doesn’t! Particularly if you’re a publisher having to buy such art and design. Joel Friedlander, a San Rafael designer, shared some of his Self-Publishing Roadmap program’s contents, at the Nov. 10 BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Association) meeting, […]

Keep your book title to yourself–at first!

The danger of broadcasting your book title too early is that others may write and publish it before you do! “No way,” you say. “They’d have to do the research, get the interviews, write the draft, get it proofed, and have it printed in just a couple of months–or at least before I go to […]

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8-step process to publish in Kindle, Nook, iPad, Lulu, CreateSpace…

What you must do to prep and publish your book through the “ancillary” (or open) publishers (Kindle, Nook, Smashwords [iPad and Kobo], CreateSpace, Lulu, Blurb, and Scribd is fairly straightfoward, though each has a different submission system (and selling success). It doesn’t matter much what kind of book it is (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, cookbook, photo, […]

Getting four books in print free in one (long) day

You might be interested in a fairly simple process that got one office ebook in print and in circulation four times in one fairly long day. The whole ancillary or open publishing format is a sort of miracle to those of us who have been publishing since cars had running boards and crank windows. (Don’t […]

What should you publish as an e-book?

Are you wondering if your book should be an e-book, since it’s common knowledge that they will soon conquer the publishing world? I mean, why bother to print an old-fashioned paperback or, heavens, a cloth version? Take a breath. That’s common wrong knowledge, and there will still be a sizeable ink-on-paper market (plus other digital […]

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