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Querying magazine editors in late 2014

Here’s the scenario. You have a great idea that you think X magazine’s readers would love to read about on its pages. But you don’t know the editor and you don’t know how to break the ice or make the suggestion. What do you do in what order? Things haven’t changed much in the past […]

Humor: How and how much can you use in freelance articles?

Sometimes (actually, often) absolutely none. No joke: even provoking a smile by a touch of word play will release you to the path of penury. The editor won’t buy it, and she probably won’t look at future queries from you either! Why? Because either the topic (death, disaster, rape, and so on) won’t allow it […]

How can I syndicate my article or my writing?

Syndication is the goal of many of my writing/publishing seminar attendees, so let me share what I know about it so you can pursue it farther on your own, if you are then still interested. What they mean is usually one of two things: (1) having a syndication (very few still exist) or a newspaper […]

Want to sell almost 100% of your NF writing?

That’s the title of a three-hour program I’m offering at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference on Monday, Feb. 17, from 9-noon. I thought you might enjoy an overview of the program that all of the registered participants will receive on an all-program digital plug-in fairly soon. It’s a one-page summary of what I will explain […]

Where do you find more information for your book?

Here are some solid starters: * Start with a keyword list. Think, if you need the four (or six or ten) words that best describe your topic, what would they be? Create two columns on a piece of paper. Put those keywords in the first column. * Head to Google (or more specific search engines) […]

How to Interview a Famous (or Infamous) Person Abroad

Some years back I was headed to northern South America to write five or six travel articles. I got tickets to/from Manaus, Brazil, on the Amazon River, and planned to divert to Quito, Ecuador, and Bogota, Colombia, if I had time when I returned. A lot to squeeze into three weeks. I followed the process […]

What do you do with a 5,000 to 30,000-word “book”?

Whatever your fame or literary legerdemain, a “book” like that is a size orphan. It’s too big to fit in a magazine, newsletter, or journal and too small for major publishers to even consider. Of course, you can publish it yourself. It may be too short to get a spine as a paperback at CreateSpace […]

Write a dandy book and sell it worldwide in minutes, hands-free…

It used to be that 90% of your time getting in print was spent finding some big house to look at your query (or proposal), then writing the chapters they wanted, then rewriting the final book. Not to mention that it then took 18 months to see print! How things have changed! In that time […]

Publishers have so much to be thankful for in 2012…

The day before Thanksgiving I sent the copy that follows to my monthly newsletterfolk. Let me overrule an in-house tradition of keeping the newsletter and blogs separate, this one time, since I’ve had a lot of positive response, I like the message, it deserves sharing, and the newsletter is free so it doesn’t really cost […]