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How to make editors vomit…

I’ll tell you how in a second. A more important question is, “If you’re trying to put your kids through college by churning out magazine articles, and hoping to sell a couple of reprints from every original piece that you got in print, why in the world would you even put “editor” and “vomit” in […]

Querying magazine editors in late 2014

Here’s the scenario. You have a great idea that you think X magazine’s readers would love to read about on its pages. But you don’t know the editor and you don’t know how to break the ice or make the suggestion. What do you do in what order? Things haven’t changed much in the past […]

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Humor: How and how much can you use in freelance articles?

Sometimes (actually, often) absolutely none. No joke: even provoking a smile by a touch of word play will release you to the path of penury. The editor won’t buy it, and she probably won’t look at future queries from you either! Why? Because either the topic (death, disaster, rape, and so on) won’t allow it […]

25 blogs about Kindle, Nook, Create Space, LSI, Smashwords

I was asked what blogs I had about “open” publishing. Here they are, below, and I’m certain there are more too so if you have a specific word or topic you are hunting for, please type it in the search box to see if it pops up! The publishers mentioned in the blogs are Kindle, […]

How can I syndicate my article or my writing?

Syndication is the goal of many of my writing/publishing seminar attendees, so let me share what I know about it so you can pursue it farther on your own, if you are then still interested. What they mean is usually one of two things: (1) having a syndication (very few still exist) or a newspaper […]

How to Interview a Famous (or Infamous) Person Abroad

Some years back I was headed to northern South America to write five or six travel articles. I got tickets to/from Manaus, Brazil, on the Amazon River, and planned to divert to Quito, Ecuador, and Bogota, Colombia, if I had time when I returned. A lot to squeeze into three weeks. I followed the process […]

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Two questions about new rewrite book material, and when it should be rewritten

Two questions we might share while I’m plunk in the process of updating and rewriting a book about niche marketing. The first concerns five definitions of niche markets rather than just one in the book to be rewritten. (This niche marketing pertains to writers, speakers, and entrepreneurs—the three target categories to whom I direct my […]

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What do you do first to deduct your travel-writing trips?

Two premises: (1) you want to write and sell something about a coming trip, and (2) you want to be able to keep all of the money you earn, or at least increase your IRS tax deduction as much as you can. Good thinking—and totally legal. You are supposed to take every deduction allowed. More […]

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Resell your article again and again? Here’s the needed tool.

If you’ve had a good article in print, why not sell it again and again? To do that you need a cover letter to send to the second editor. These are full-page letters sent to editors who buy reprints (same as second rights)—usually editors who pay on publication. If you sold first rights to the […]

How do you set up a magazine (or newspaper) interview?

Most of the articles you write should include at least one and often three interviews, plus of course facts, perhaps some anecdotal material, and probably some artwork (usually photos). In fact, the most persuasive items selling the article are the interviews or quotes you promise the editor in your query letter. Like a piece about […]