Need help writing your ancillary publishing book?


My just-finished 140-minute, two audio CD program called “Writing Your Book for Ancillary Publishing” was released this morning. The family dogs were unimpressed!

Nonetheless, the 22-step process should help lots of new and experienced publishers get their words in print in hours or days after they submit their key text and cover files to the seven key ancillary publishers.

Here are three sources about the process and the program:

* the most direct is at It lists most of the contents, tells what ancillary publishing is about, and how anybody who can write a book can take part FREE. The book topic? The whole range from novels to crusty non-fiction, memoirs, family trees, cookbooks, poetry, almost anything really. Hard to beat a price of $0 for producing and marketing your book. But you have to write the damn thing first.

* my last post here tells a bit about one suggestion I make regarding the writing, that you read five books as close to the book you want to write. That’s not a stop sign to read the library instead of writing. Do both at the same time! Just see what I say.

* I also sent out a newsletter to the frothing millions an hour ago also telling them of the new program: see it at or, if you are afraid of free subscription without strings, see

That’s it. It’s no-nonsense and it shows you, step-by-step, the quickest process I know about book writing. (I wrote 38 that were published.) 

Now if I can just get those dogs more impressed. I told them it was $5 off if they bought it before 12/15 but that was just as successful as trying to feed them a brick.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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