Getting at least triple use from one booklet…


Two completely disconnected things happened yesterday that reminded me that if I’m going to preach empire building I should do it (and share it) too!

I faithfully attend the monthly meetings of BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Assn) the second Saturday morning each month in downtown San Rafael, CA. It’s a great place to meet fellow writer/publishers, swap how-to’s, introduce ourselves, and enjoy a key speaker (like BookBaby’s Brian Felsen two months back).

So yesterday, out of the blue, I was asked to speak at the coming session on 8/11 about “niche marketing.” (I suspect the regularly scheduled speaker died or faded and I was convenient and safe since I’ve spoken publicly 2000+ times—and I published Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time.) But I’m flattered nevertheless. It’s a great chance to preach lovingly, again, to publishers and authors, so I said “You bet!”

That set me looking through the material I had on my computer that I could (inexpensively) share with the 80-so listeners. Which led me to a long-forgotten 12-page booklet I had prepped some years back to send to book printers for a double purpose: (1) to try to get myself booked to speak to them about using the topic “niche publishing” at one of their client gatherings, and (2) to suggest (and explain quickly how) they might produce handouts to give to the participants (that they would print, with additional pages telling of their printing services…)

So here I was yesterday with the need for a quick script (or outline) for the BAIPA gathering, a desire to give them a how-to handout, and a good little booklet that might help both ways.

But why stop there, if I’m going to slightly rewrite the booklet and eliminate the printer-related info anyway? Why not make the booklet into a how-to ebook I could sell through Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords (et. al.) for a whopping 99 cents?

Why bother for 35% of 99 cents sent sometime in the remote future? Because the contents tell about the exceptional niche-publishing process that eliminates almost all of the risk, is fast, and lets the doer test their market first. And it also lets me direct (and link) those interested to four other publications that I wrote about niche publishing that will help them at key steps along their new niching way: the mother book (mentioned above, the paperback $15, the ebook at $10); “How to Test Your Niche Publishing First” (a $20 audio CD and a $10 ebook); an e-report “How to Get Your Niche Article in Print 75% of the Time” for $5, and a $1 report (or free) called “101 Niche Marketing Topics.”

So why not release a 99-cent how-to booklet telling buyers how they can make six-figure returns, almost risk free, with a new marketing approach and some two-week pretesting?

So how does that link to the BAIPA seminar? Because rather than having to print out the information I want to share, page after page, collated and stapled, and so on, I will either just give them the link to my booklet file to download free or I will give them a code that they can use on my 1 Shopping Cart web order form so they can download it free (almost instantly) to their computer.

Instead of a full workbook, I will give each participant a two-sided handout, the front in color and coated, a left-over sales flyer for Niche Publishing, on the back a Staples b/w page with my talk’s outline and all of the links I will tell them about that Saturday (including one link with all of the same links on it so they can just let their finger digitally walk).

The idea of empire building is to take a core concept (like niche marketing) and use (probably sell) the created information about it the many ways that folks like to receive and use it. To get the most contact, copy, and legitimate helping promotion out of the least reprepping of the same basic information.

Like a seminar, handout, outline, and free booklet, plus links to six salable products that continue to stretch the available tools that the interested may want.

I could even create a new list of printers nearby and send out the original booklet I found hiding in my mystery file. Maybe a speech waiting to be given there too.

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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