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So there you are, literate, full of good ideas or secret stuff that others would pay to know, but while your friends are spending their monthly checks from Kindle, Nook, Scribd, Smashwords, and others, you’re earning nada from your unused treasure. You don’t even have a horse in the ebook race!

So here are a few ideas to get your brainpower posted and sold while you dance, sleep, or ponder.

First, you have to write a book, a shorter book, a booklet, even a 20-step how-to guide, even an article. It must be accurate, fully proofed, state its purpose in or near the lead, have a grabber (and true) title, meet the readers’ needs or give them benefits worth far more than the item’s cost, have a front cover, and wend its way through the submission processes of any of the “open” or ancillary publishers above, so big buyers know that you and it exist.

If you want to know how to do any of that, please read my book How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days. (I also have at least 40 blogs related to this for perusal, plus many free newsletters.

Your question is, how do I do it quickly yet not suffer from haste or poor quality? A conundrum.

Let me pose two scenarios that may help.

In the first, you already have a body of material at hand. Maybe it’s a book, a workbook, or a seminar begging to be captured in print. Convert that into ebook #1. If it’s a paperback (and you have the rights), spend a few hours to transform it into digital format, then submit it to one or all of the open publishers simultaneously. If it needs updating or rewriting, all the more reason to modify it and get it into the ebook world.

Then make a list of all of the related topics that the readers also want (and need) to know about. Maybe they are your book’s chapters developed in greater depth with new, current examples. (Expanded into a book or booklet, each chapter writ longer becomes a new ebook to list and sell. Are they your ebooks #2-5?) What about case studies of others successfully doing what #1 suggests (or implores). Write introductory info, a conclusion, and insert the case studies in a sensible order. Voilá, ebook #6. If you’re the editor, that cash is yours.

Or you give print body to an oral winner, like a seminar or breakout session or even a keynote speech. Perhaps you blend all three into a new, written presentation. (Is that ebook #7?)

How long should these ebooks be? Long enough to do their task. Take a quick list at my ebook sales list at Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords (just enter Burgett in the search boxes). A couple of the postings are about 20 pages long. Many, in the 65-100-page category. Some top 200 pages, and some of those are written by others but I’m the editor (and one of the sellers). Then just price them accordingly, remembering that $2.99 is often the biggest moneymaker and will earn you six times a book costing $9.99–and pays 70% royalty versus 35% for books less than $2.99 or more than $9.99.

In the second scenario, you sell OPW (other peoples’ work). They should be in full compliance, of course, and they get part of the royalties you earn.

You can do that by becoming the publisher. If you’re the genius of piano repair, you might write the obra prima and sell it first. Then arrange for five other lesser geniuses to write a 75-page bookzinho or a booklet each about their peculiar specialty, and publish them. The income comes to you (at least until you pay expenses and recompense those lesser geniuses). This is a niche publishing concept (see Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time). You now are six niche ebooks deep!

On the other hand, you can sell that masterpiece directly to the piano repairfolk, plus those other, smaller books just mentioned. And you can find one or several web marketers selling to that field and work out both an affiliate arrangement and have them sell your book(s) to their e-lists (in exchange for a sizable discount.) See Bob Bly for guidelines in that world.

Lest this blog be snipped by the digital gods for being too long, what I’m really saying is that you probably already know (and have experience with) more wanted information than you imagine, and attacked quickly and robustly it can be developed, reworked, updated, diced into smaller print gems, and ultimately offered as an ebook to a grateful public that is wondering where you are and when you are going to collect your much deserved rewards.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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