Publishers may need three URL’s per book…


When you publish a book, yours or some lucky author’s, the biggest problem is selling it. To do that you need the new book well displayed and promoted wherever the potential readers, or at least buyers, will be (1) attracted to it, (2) want to know more, and (3) will order it then or soon.

The least it needs is a catchy flyer well distributed and/or a website page (or display) that shows the cover, the title, the subtitle, the author’s name, and the benefits that buying (and reading/following) that book could bring.

Let’s focus on the website(s) and URLs here.

Grabbing two or three available .com locations should probably be done the moment the book is going to be produced by your house. Make the URL easy to remember. I think the best we have is

Let me share an example of a book we published about four years ago that has been back to press four times. Since we are niche publishers and this book serves our K-12 target market, it’s called The Perfect School, and is written by three of top school administrators in Illinois, Jim Rosborg, Max McGee, and Jim Burgett.

The key website is at This is a landing page, and every time we want to direct the potential reader/buyer to the book they are sent here. It has only one link on it: the order form. So the person either reads it and does nothing, reads it and marks it to return to later, sends a colleague to it, or sees what they want to buy and orders the book, in paperback or ebook format.

What’s at the website? The book’s cover, general information, the benefits, a table of contents, sample content sections from two different chapters (and authors), and testimonials. Plus the order form.

The second website would have been a similar URL, like,, or But someone else had snagged them or they were priced too high. (Lately, in lieu of just the book name, I’ve been using something like for the landing page and, in this case, perhaps for the broader info website. Otherwise I can’t remember which is the landing page and which isn’t!)

We decided at the outset that our second website for the K-12 products would be an info-full repository of linked sections about all of our K-12 books, and it would be called, which is our primary selling market. At that site we would offer similar, more in-depth links for (1) What Every Superintendent and Principal Needs to Know, (2) Finding Middle Ground in K-12 Education: Balancing Best Practices and the Law, (3) Teachers Change Lives 24-7, and (just published and to be added in a few days), The Kid in Purple Pants: Structured Approaches to Educating Underprivileged Students—in addition to The Perfect School.

In that way, any time we spoke or wrote to our full niche field, they would be directed to the full choice of our available publications. In each book’s listing they would find the cover, the table of contents, full sample chapters (with links to them), linked information about the authors, specific testimonials, and the order form where all of the books were located, as paperbacks or ebooks.

The third URL, or specific website, is an idea in progress (much of its contents are in the respective authors’ biographies) because all of our authors are also experienced public speakers in the education field. It would be author-based and with each author it would tell what presentations they are offering; their respective, related biographies, and links directly to them for them to make their own arrangements about potential speeches, workshops, academies, or other presentations. It would be a yes/no landing page and would also include a book cover, the author’s photo, and a summary of the information at the other two URLs.

That’s it. I suppose there could be even more URLs related to these books and services. One might be a broad niche site, like K-12booksand Whatever the niche needs where we have a quality product or speaker, drawing from the other items at

Finally, it costs about $10 per URL so getting three and later relinquishing (or not using) one or two isn’t a big loss. You can just not renew them at the end of any respective year.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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