Want to sell almost 100% of your NF writing?


That’s the title of a three-hour program I’m offering at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference on Monday, Feb. 17, from 9-noon.

I thought you might enjoy an overview of the program that all of the registered participants will receive on an all-program digital plug-in fairly soon. It’s a one-page summary of what I will explain and diagram at the presentation.

Incidentally, I will also give a 45-minute summary of the same program the day before, Sunday, 2/16, at 10, to let the others know what they will miss if they go somewhere else! That short intro program is about 30 minutes of explanation and 15 of Q-A.

One starts the process of “selling almost 100% of their nonfiction writing” by finding and developing a powerful idea or core topic, and ends with them as an emperor or empress who is read, heard, and visible throughout their target universe. So their idea/core topic and target universe must be chosen first.

Here is the rest of the overview, almost verbatim:

* You can be the sole star, the star-maker and string puller, or the editor (or any combination of the three). Visions, roles, and timelines should be defined at the outset. Some are kept secret for certain times.

* You need to write a book that only fools wouldn’t buy. Five questions define that book.

* Follow a no-nonsense, how-to, bound and digital book planning and writing guideline.

* If you plan to niche publish your nonfiction book, the target-finding and the pre-test tools must be created first, before the book is titled and written. Then the test itself must be conducted. (Pay particular attention to related associations throughout the niche process.)

* If the niche pre-test results scream SUCCESS, the book is titled and written, the marketing tools are prepared, and the sale and fulfillment are begun. [The process is explained and guidebooks are suggested. Remember, general and niche books are marketed quite differently.]

* If your core book is for the general market, almost the same book planning and writing guidelines are followed, but here pay particular attention to interior design and an irresistible cover.

* You will self-publish your niche or general book. [Explanations given; guidelines suggested.]

* You expect that your general-market book will be sought by a major publisher. Defining when you would sell it, if ever, is part of your vision and timeline.

* Selling your niche book to another publisher isn’t in its timeline so particular attention must be paid to the publishing structure and platform creation directed at its target market.

* Expand and deepen your penetration of your topic universe. Broaden your platform and increase on-demand products.

* Move into professional speaking with both niche and general books, using your published books as proof of your expertise and topic articulation. Book and give speeches, keynotes, breakout sessions—whatever is wanted. Give related seminars, if appropriate.

* You will need a website, a product-selling structure, a marketing path and schedule, perhaps blogs and a newsletter, and a spin-off product production process.

* Repurpose your core book and related copy into new material for articles, talk-show appearances, perhaps a webinar/implementation program, YouTube, guest blogs…

* Consider implementing the “12 Ways to Sell Your Book Again” included in your workbook.

* You sell almost 100% of your writing by making your name and your book topic synonymous. Pick a topic that others must hear. Create the skills and tools they will come to you to get. Use the query letter process, and only write, speak, or perform after getting approval.

* How do you do it again and again? By getting asked back again and again. And by rewriting and reselling the book and book-related text. Also by selling articles, article reprints, rewrites, and reprints of rewrites.

* Tape your book cover everywhere in your office. Link every correspondence, every rewrite, and every action to it. Know everything old and new about your topic. (Yes, do it ad nauseum. Nauseum pays!) Make it and your name and fame the same. Spend the results wisely; keep your empirical crown in a drawer!

On the back of the handout is a list of niche- and writing/publishing-based products. All are found at www.gordonburgett.com/order3.htm, with links to each product descriprtion. The two most directly-related books are Niche Publishing and How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days.

For more details about what appears to be an excellent Presidents Day weekend of learning, check the San Francisco Writer’s Conference.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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