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Give your book order, an angle, and a table of contents

Since you’ve got the core of your book ready in rough form, with its structure written on an envelope that keeps disappearing, you’ve actually interviewed a couple of people (sort of) who in fact knew something, and you know why you’re writing it and how it will end, it’s time to sort all of that […]

What should the insides of your book look like?

Since you’ll start thinking about the inside layout and format as you are writing the book, take a quick look at my blog from a few weeks back, Don’t write dumb; read five more books very similar to yours first. You’ll see that what you want in your book is hiding inside the five or […]

I flat out love the open publishing system…

I flat out love the open publishing system where you can send a book to six or seven publishers and it’ll be available in a day, or a few, to anybody who wants to know what you want to share. Not that I think, with exceptions, that the self-pub, do-it-yourselfers are going to be able […]