Want to be a family hero–maybe forever?


Here’s a step-by-step guide that can make you the best known member in your family during your lifetime and for hundreds of years beyond. The tree planter from today forward. No kidding.

I published this book in 2008, to modest fanfare. Now, suddenly, we’re hustling to keep up with the unexpected orders for Your Living Family Tree: Keeping your family together forever through print, photos, sound, and video. It’s been discovered! This tree must be a late bloomer. See more details and sample chapters at www.yourlivingfamilytree.com.

Its new popularity is delightful but baffling. We suspect that a couple of bloggers featured it. Or the new prices which we lowered (for most of our products) a few weeks back: $15 for print, $10 for the e-book.

What’s the book about? It creates a genealogical flip-flop, turning the usual “family tree” upside down, starting right now and exploding upward with 21st-century interactivity and fresh growth rather than digging downward for ever more questionable roots.

Here, I describe a vital new “living family tree” that unites every family member, living or yet to be born, into a new family website tree where each member shares his or her personal history and experiences. Starting with a founding director (like you) and beginning with the earliest living kin, the website would electronically draw all of the members together by print, photo, sound, video, and much more, making every member’s shared information, musing, memory, and hope instantly available to any member at any time and from any place.

As important, this living family tree will continue to grow and expand for a year, a decade, or 100 decades. The stored collection could last forever—and the old-fashioned family tree would be a welcome extension, appended as foundational information providing much-wanted starter roots!

In Your Living Family Tree, I explain the exciting new concept in the opening chapters: The Idea, The Parts, The Ways, The Director, and The Future. Next, 17 possible sections of the tree in an immediately usable format. Those sections might include a Personal Information Repository; Family Directory; Family Registry; “Tip of the Hat” Acclamations; “In Memoriam” Announcements; an Annual Family Summary; Family Treasures in Print; Family Treasure Box; Family Flashes; the Ancestral Family Tree; Journals, Diaries, and Memoirs; Unforgettable Recollections; Scrapbooks; DNA and Health Concerns, and a list of Other Attachments.

Why confine our genealogical curiosity to the past when we can create the future’s past in digital permanence today, tomorrow, and for as long as our families share and grow? See the do-it-yourself process explained step by step in
Your Living Family Tree.

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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