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A paid speech you can book at every association any year…

I call it the “state of the art” speech, but it could have lots of similar names. And if you do it right, the sponsor is very likely to ask (perhaps even beg) you to give it again and again! (You can even build your own empire around it.) An example helps here. Let’s say […]

Build your empire from fiction too!

How blind are those who can see! For at least 20 years I’ve been sharing ideas with you about how to at least triple the income from the theme of your core book while you continue to build a profitable empire from it for life. I wrote Empire-Building by Writing and Speaking about the concept […]

How to Pick a Topic for a Book That Will Sell Well

Whether you want to write the book, publish it, or both, you probably want an end product that will be eagerly sought, sell well, and command a price worth the effort. How do I know? I’ve now written 40 published books and published twice as many written products, mostly books. Like you, I won’t invest […]

Mainstream publishing may not matter at all to most publishers…

Let me offer another thought, between Mark Coker’s “The big houses are on the way out” and Peter Beren’s “Not only won’t it happen…” I wonder if, for 95% of the potential book publishers, the big houses matter much at all. Oops, in one case they can matter a lot: to an author sought out […]