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Checklists for organizing your own seminar (#7 of 15)

Here is a checklist, in rough chronological order, of the key steps to organizing and programming your own seminar: (1) Write a one-sentence topic for a seminar. (2) Concerning that topic, write answers to the following: Who cares? What problems will it solve? How and where else can the same information be found? How much […]

Offering seminars through college extended education programs (#5)

For more than 30 years I offered 2000+ seminars, workshops, and conferences in California, with more than half given at the California State University system (now CSU, formerly CSUC). Since I spoke at all but four of the 23 campuses then, let me focus on that structure to explain how one can get booked by […]

More thoughts about selling your book(s) back of the room…

I began this topic and posted it on Tuesday, May 29 (2012). That includes 12 starter points you might want to read first, before I continue here. 13. When I give my speaking program, do I have the products with me? Ask my sore back! Yep. I usually put two (or three) boxes of products […]

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