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Writers: How to Write in Financial Comfort Even in Old Age!

There are ways to do what the title says—and about 1000 other ways that guarantee writing penury, most about as lucrative as begging for or selling writing pencils on the street! I’ll not foul this blog by describing how you can find cliche distress or dangling destitution—poverty you can find on your own. Or it […]

Prep and publish a high school graduation book

Why would you do that? Didn’t you already graduate from high school? But if you were the mother, aunt, or grandparent of a lad or lass about to graduate from high school at the end of this school year or next, would publishing a gift graduation book for them interest you? Or would a friend […]

Should you self-publish fiction?

This was the question one of you asked me last week. It’s a good one, too. Until the past year or so I would have shouted, HEAVENS NO! Bookstores simply won’t buy self-published fiction, nor will the libraries (lest it be your home library, if you are menacing enough looking!) The reason is simple: 95% […]

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