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Where do you find more information for your book?

Here are some solid starters: * Start with a keyword list. Think, if you need the four (or six or ten) words that best describe your topic, what would they be? Create two columns on a piece of paper. Put those keywords in the first column. * Head to Google (or more specific search engines) […]

How to write your book’s first draft

As quickly as possible—and do it first! Let me share an inside secret on how you can separate the newbies from the veterans. The latter race through the first draft while the first timers belabor every word, parse thrice every phrase, and start again and again and again. The vets know that their initial inspirations […]

Give your book order, an angle, and a table of contents

Since you’ve got the core of your book ready in rough form, with its structure written on an envelope that keeps disappearing, you’ve actually interviewed a couple of people (sort of) who in fact knew something, and you know why you’re writing it and how it will end, it’s time to sort all of that […]

What must you have in your book?

Take an hour, for starters. Go some place where you won’t be disturbed and write down your book’s purpose statement. It may be easier to start with a working question, like “What will your book be about?” The answer is the “purpose statement.” Your book will help realize that purpose. The statement might be: “The […]

How to Interview a Famous (or Infamous) Person Abroad

Some years back I was headed to northern South America to write five or six travel articles. I got tickets to/from Manaus, Brazil, on the Amazon River, and planned to divert to Quito, Ecuador, and Bogota, Colombia, if I had time when I returned. A lot to squeeze into three weeks. I followed the process […]

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Think smaller and write/sell more booklets, short books, and blogged books

That was the gist of a very well organized and enthusiastically presented one-hour feature presentation by Nina Amir to the BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Assn) gathering in San Rafael, CA on January 12. Nina, the Inspiration to Creation Coach, is the author of Writer’s Digest’s How to Blog a Book: Write, Publish and Promote […]

Interviewing famous men at the urinal

Sorry, ladies, but this is one place where male reporters have a leg up, so to speak… Don’t despair. I only interviewed one famous man, or any man, that way once, and that was by chance. But it worked, and since that was all I needed at that moment it let me dance (better said, […]

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Four ways to get magazine or newspaper interviews

Over the past 30-years, in my “Writing Travel Articles That Sell” seminar, I’d talk for about 20 minutes about interviewing. The entire process has almost completely changed during that time. First, though, why bother to interview at all? Who really cares? The editors who will hopefully buy your article (even book) care a lot. It’s […]

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What do you do first to deduct your travel-writing trips?

Two premises: (1) you want to write and sell something about a coming trip, and (2) you want to be able to keep all of the money you earn, or at least increase your IRS tax deduction as much as you can. Good thinking—and totally legal. You are supposed to take every deduction allowed. More […]

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How do you set up a magazine (or newspaper) interview?

Most of the articles you write should include at least one and often three interviews, plus of course facts, perhaps some anecdotal material, and probably some artwork (usually photos). In fact, the most persuasive items selling the article are the interviews or quotes you promise the editor in your query letter. Like a piece about […]