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Selling one article topic to 5-8 different publications!

“Could you sell the same text, unchanged, to both magazines and newspapers?” is the most often asked question at my writing seminars! I suppose you could, but I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t know how to unravel the rights issues. Anyway, it’d be far more profitable with a lot less work just planning five to eight […]

How to make editors vomit…

I’ll tell you how in a second. A more important question is, “If you’re trying to put your kids through college by churning out magazine articles, and hoping to sell a couple of reprints from every original piece that you got in print, why in the world would you even put “editor” and “vomit” in […]

Humor: How and how much can you use in freelance articles?

Sometimes (actually, often) absolutely none. No joke: even provoking a smile by a touch of word play will release you to the path of penury. The editor won’t buy it, and she probably won’t look at future queries from you either! Why? Because either the topic (death, disaster, rape, and so on) won’t allow it […]

Can you just rewrite your own published article and sell it again?

Sure. There are two ways to use that original piece. One, as a reprint. (I just blogged about selling reprints [second rights] of your article to another editor, or to many other editors. There is no exclusivity for reprints.) The second way is to simply take the research from the first article, move the words […]

Reprints and rewrites can be big freelance money for a lot less work!

Once your article has been in print, why not sell it again and again? Or use the same research and rewrite it for other publications? It’s commonly done, perfectly legal, and can increase your income remarkably. (This is section #11, of 16, about “How to Sell 75% of Your Freelance Writing.” Welcome aboard. There is […]

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