9/21-22 last chance for free 100 Treasure Hunt Clues book!


Hurry! Take part in the near-miracle of open publishing. In a three-day period many hundreds of people downloaded a free copy of 100 Ready-to-Use Treasure Hunt Clues ebooks from Amazon.com. (Those ebooks, combined, cost the same in shipping as they weighed in pounds: 0. Extraordinary!)

This is last chance for you to get the 100 free treasure hunt clues book. They will be downloaded directly from Amazon.com on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 21-22, until about midnight. Just go to Amazon.com, enter books, my name (Burgett, Gordon, and add “Treasure Hunt Clues.” After 9/23 you will have to hunt for these fun, challenging gems in the $3.99 rack, so don’t dally! You don’t want to be the only person in your neighborhood, tribe, and clan without unsolved clues.

These clues are a follow-up (by demand) from my book Treasure and Scavenger Hunts: How to Plan, Create, and Give Them book (in the third edition).

Incidentally, In the new free book there are enough new clues for 4-5 parties!

Want more details about 100 Ready-to-Use Treasure Hunt Clues? Check here for the the table of contents.

The clues come as poetry, code, word play, riddles, and prose. Your role? Send invitations, buy goofy prizes, release the teams, and have fun!

The book also explains how the party, the hunt, and the clues work; how you match them to your town; how they can be customized (if needed), and how the host can select the “best” or most appropriate 15 or 20 clues for teams to simultaneously pursue and solve.

Want to toss in some scavenger hunt items? Here’s a starter list of 25, plus four sample brainbusters. The “Magic Party Checklist” will help all of those invited to easily grasp the simple directions, honor the returning hunt heroes, get fed, and laugh or dance the rest of the night away.

Please tell your friends about the free books too—and urge them to get their very own private, free copy on Sunday or Monday.

If you prefer to send the new book as a gift in paperback, it is yours today for $9.49 from Amazon (Create Space) or directly from us.

All the fun starts with the clues. Here are 100 ready to go, with instructions on how to use them! The rest is up to you…

Hope you enjoy the book and the hunt!

Best wishes,

Gordon Burgett

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